GROHE introduces Eurosmart

GROHE Eurosmart combines reliable quality with high-end luxury in a great product that is always being improved. From its streamlined modern design to its state-of-the-art internal technology, it has been upgraded both inside and out. This innovative range offers a seamless water experience and functionality.

GROHE Eurosmart range guarantees optimum ease of use and now includes a pull-out spout for complete usage flexibility. Its design story speaks of contemporary architecture, combining modern aesthetics with excellent engineering and the highest functionality. It meets different needs and lifestyles with its vast selection of designs and functionalities, as well as its long-lasting technology and engineering. It is valued for every kind of project – bath, kitchen, commercial, large-scale.
GROHE Eurosmart is known for its legendary quality, which has made it the obvious choice for planners, architects and plumbers, making it number one worldwide. The range boasts six different faucet models for the washbasins, each brilliantly complementing GROHE ceramics, making it a perfect fit for every house.

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