Gold Coast Villa / AD ARCHITECTURE

Curated by – HAN Shuangyu
Area :
500 m²
Year :
Photographs : Ouyang Yun

Background. The project is a villa located in the coastal city of Shantou. The local fruit and vegetable market is always bustling from 1 am to 5 am. While most people are sleeping soundly, the villa’s owners are busy in the market, living a life upside down day and night. For this project, AD ARCHITECTURE intended to create a healing “harbor”, a cozy home full of love. The home is expected to slow down the fast-paced life of the family, and to be a container of cheers and laughter. At the moment when the owners open the door, their tiredness will be suddenly relieved.

Restrained “Mediocrity.” The villa’s original facades were formed by sandstone masonry and lacked maintenance for a long time, causing great difficulties in later upkeep. Considering various limitations, the design team transformed the decorative lines and colors of the architectural facades. To some extent, the limitations brought new opportunities, and the design intervention helped create new landscapes and open up the space. Through facade renovation, the villa appears simple and bright, presenting a strong modern touch. Located in the coastal villa area in Shantou, Guangdong, the project is about half an hour’s drive from downtown. The thirty minutes drive takes the house owners back to their healing home after ending the busy hours in the early morning. For this project, AD ARCHITECTURE focused on creating a comfortable living place tailored for the occupants, a home with restrained comfort and unique “mediocrity”.

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