Delta Faucet to launch touchless kitchen faucets

Delta Faucet Company plans to launch Touch2O with Touchless Technology. Originally unveiled at the 2024 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, this time-saving innovation helps cut down on cleaning by keeping kitchen faucets mess-free. Making multi-tasking even easier, Touchless Technology provides three easy ways to control the flow of water by: placing a hand near the faucet to activate the motion sensor, tapping anywhere on the faucet surface, or using the standard handle for manual control.
“We know that busy homes get messy quickly,” said Missi Tate, Brand Director, Delta Faucet. “That’s why delta offers purposeful products designed for real messes and real life. No matter your age or ability, or what task needs to be done, our new touchless faucets are easy for everyone to use,” added Tate.
The Touchless Technology uses capacitive sensing – instead of infrared motion-activation – to recognize human presence, not objects, within four inches of the surface. This allows for the quick activation of water while keeping the faucet clean. The integrated TempSense LED light also changes from blue to magenta to red as the temperature increases to eliminate any possible surprises or discomfort.
“From innovative ways to turn on your water, to groundbreaking fixtures that change how you interact with them all-together, Delta Faucet’s products are designed to make a meaningful difference in people’s day-to-day lives,” said Tate.
Delta Touch2O with Touchless Technology is now available in select styles and finishes that complement any kitchen: Trinsic, Coranto, and Leland.

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