Cheryl Eisen, IMG Founder, Unveils New Venture: Eisen Design House

Celebrated designer Cheryl Eisen, known for her success as the CEO and founder of the premier real estate staging company in the United States, Interior Marketing Group (IMG), has introduced her new venture, Eisen Design House (EDH), an interior design firm.

With EDH, Eisen aims to offer a distinct set of bespoke interior design services that elevate the concept of luxury living, setting it apart from IMG’s current portfolio.

After more than a decade of delivering interior design services to luxury clients globally, Eisen decided to officially distinguish her two design entities.

“Our interior design team and the staging department have been operating independently since the beginning.“ says Eisen. “With Eisen Design House, our team is focused on creating spaces that reflect individual taste and elevate the art of living. Our aesthetic prioritizes innovation and balance, tailoring each space to convey a timeless yet contemporary design.”

As leader of the interior design team at IMG for the past three years, EDH Director of Design Shannon Slattery brings more than ten years of industry experience from prestigious AD100 design firms. Slattery holds a BFA in Interior Design from Parsons School of Design and studied interior design abroad at the Florence University of the Arts.

“Our design philosophy is rooted in layered texture and tone alongside bespoke details that give each project its individuality,” says Slattery. “We craft narratives through our designs. Each project reflects an intersection of the individuals who inhabit them and the elevated aesthetic for which our work is known.”
Slattery and the entire team at Eisen Design House are dedicated to transforming interiors into havens of style, comfort, and individual expression. (Source:

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