BLUM AVENTOS HKi: Revolutionizing Cabinet Design with Sleek Integrated Lift

Blum, a leader in innovative furniture solutions, unveils the AVENTOS HKi, a groundbreaking integrated stay lift that transforms our approach to cabinet design and perception. Its slim and compact design seamlessly integrates into the sides of cabinets, providing a new realm of design opportunities while ensuring unmatched aesthetic appeal.

AVENTOS HKi liberates designers with its minimalist approach, using a mere 750 cm³—equivalent to a well-filled glass of sawdust—for the hinge, unlocking boundless creative freedom to envision new furniture designs where stay lifts elegantly blend into the side panel.

The magic of AVENTOS HKi lies in its invisible elegance. Even with glass fronts, the integrated lift system remains discreetly hidden when closed, revealing an elegant onyx black when open. The technology, concealed within the side panel, offers total control with front-adjustable lift mechanisms, an integrated opening angle stop, and a variable stop, ensuring easy access to storage items while maintaining a sleek appearance.

AVENTOS HKi’s narrow dimensions, fitting into cabinet side panels as thin as 16 mm, provide designers with ample flexibility, allowing for creative expression in all standard heights and depths, accommodating cabinets up to 600mm high and 1800mm wide.

Experience the fusion of innovation and sophistication with AVENTOS HKi. Whether symmetrically installed lift mechanisms for flexible solutions with fronts up to 18 kg or the option for a semi-integrated solution with a customizable cover cap in silk white, light grey, or dark grey, it offers a playground for design enthusiasts. Elevate your furniture experience with the BLUMOTION soft-close mechanism, ensuring a gentle and effortless closure, and for handle-less applications, embrace the convenience of TIP-ON motion technology. AVENTOS HKi invites you to explore a world where less is indeed more and design possibilities are limitless.

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