91Squarefeet partners with Kritunga Restaurants to design its Restaurants chains in Southern India

Kritunga Restaurants renowned for its authentic South Indian cuisine, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with 91Squarefeet, a Y-Combinator-backed India’s fastest-growing commercial fit-out services company, to elevate the dining experience at Kritunga for customers while optimising operational efficiency. 91Squarefeet will design and build commercial interiors for all forthcoming outlets of Kritunga in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai etc.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the realm of restaurant design, promising to redefine the dining experience for patrons of Kritunga establishments worldwide. Drawing upon 91squarefeet’s expertise, the redesign prioritizes efficient layouts maximizing seating capacity while ensuring customer comfort, complemented by visually captivating interiors reflecting Kritunga’s brand identity and cultural themes. Flow management enhancements optimize service efficiency for both customers and staff, while functional kitchen spaces prioritize workflow and safety. Sustainability is a core focus, with eco-friendly design elements integrated seamlessly. The adaptable spaces promise versatility to accommodate various needs, while consistent branding elements ensure a memorable dining experience.

91Squarefeet is planning multiple projects with Kritunga and aims to collaborate on 14-16 more projects this year. So far, the brand has already designed 5-6 outlets with a turnaround time of 45 days.

Amit Bansal founder and CEO of 91Squarefeet expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Speed has been our competitive advantage, and we constantly focus on technology innovation in project management and skill development of our manpower to become even faster in project execution. We are thrilled to partner with Kritunga to bring our expertise to their expansion projects. By combining our innovative approach with Kritunga’s vision for exceptional dining experiences, we aim to create spaces that not only delight customers but also drive operational efficiency and brand differentiation.”

Ananth Mandra, Managing Partner at Kritunga Restaurants and Franchise also stated 91Squarefeet will play a pivotal role in shaping the expansion projects for Kritunga, from conceptualizing the brand identity and optimizing the ambience to executing the on-site work with meticulous attention to detail and efficiency. We are expanding 15+ outlets in Hyderabad, Chennai and other southern cities. Together, we are excited to set new standards in restaurant design and ambience, enriching the dining journey for our customers.”

With a team of more than 250+ professionals, 91 Squarefeet has built 200 office spaces and 100 outlets across various cities in India. The notable collaborations that the startup has designed are VLCC, ION Consulting, TableSpace, HDFC Bank, Kotak, Cultfit, Decathlon, Bluestone, Infra Market, and others.

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