VitrA’s Ion-Rich Technology that Inhibits the Growth of Harmful Bacteria

VitrA’s continuous research into human health introduces new technologies for improved hygiene in the bathroom. These technologies raise personal hygiene experience to a new level.

VitrA Hygiene is a unique glazing process that coats all VitrA ceramicware and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria by 99.9% even in a moist bathroom environment. This proprietary glaze prevents bacteria from proliferating into a colony by disrupting the cellular structure of bacteria that cling to the surface during use. The VitrA Hygiene technology is available on all ceramic sanitaryware. Users receive enhanced hygiene for free throughout the product’s lifetime.

The VitrA Hygiene glaze coats all external and internal surfaces prior to firing in a process that ensures a lifetime. VitrA Hygiene protection for VitrA ceramic sanitaryware, even under the most intense usage conditions. VitrA has also been accredited by Independent labs from Turkey & Germany that have shown 99.99 % bacteria-free products by using in-house glaze technology – VitrA Hygiene. It is available on all VitrA ceramic sanitaryware.

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