Tempesta Unveils Marmo Surfaces Collection


Tempesta announced the launch of a stunning new collection: Marmo Surfaces. Tempesta is a manufacturer of luxury tiles and exporter to top tile & stone distributors in USA, Spain, UK, Italy and UAE. The brand’s USP produces unique, never-seen-before surface finishes that leverage its cutting-edge technology, top-class manufacturing facilities, and unbridled innovation.

According to Mr. Rohan Khosla, Director of Tempesta, “We are thrilled to present the Stone division’s high-end offering: Marmo Surfaces. This collection is composed of timeless imported marble and other stones featuring a magnetic surface that looks different from every angle, as the light falls across the texture. Marble is synonymous with luxury and sophistication and is a status symbol for homeowners”.

“At Tempesta, we have always strived for excellence in bringing to our customers unique surface finishes. The idea for this unique collection was born out of our perennial appreciation for marble and the vision to create something never seen before. This vision was made a reality with the help of decades of experience in the stone processing industry, married with cutting-edge technology. Marmo Surfaces has been created using sophisticated CNC machinery on the choicest selection of imported marble and other stones. It features three geometric formats in a curated set of 8 colours, and this exclusive decorative product is the perfect blend of function and form. When used as a highlighter paired with its parent stone, it looks spectacular, but when used on all four walls is when it looks truly breathtaking,” further ads Rohan Khosla.

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