Squadrone deploys drone-based Geophysical Survey for Mineral Prospecting and Exploration at Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation

Squadrone Infra & Mining Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru, India, One of the most progressive companies in Aerial Intelligence in Mineral Exploration, Mining & Infrastructure, adopted drone based  Airborne Magnetometer known as “Magarrow” for Geophysical survey for Mineral prospecting and exploration. The company deployed the technology at Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Ltd (GMDC), Ambaji, Gujarat. This technology revolutionizes mineral exploration and mineral discovery, particularly in prospecting of Copper, Lithium, Gold, Lead Zinc, Cobalt, Nickel, Manganese, REE Mineral, etc.

“Magarrow” is a UAV-enabled drone based technology equipped with non-radioactive laser-pumped cesium vapour with total field scalar Magnetometer that enables mapping of shallow and deep-seated virgin mineral deposits ranging up to 600-800m below from the ground level. Therefore it enables Geologists, Geophysicists, and researchers, to conduct studies of the earth’s strata for new and Greenfield mineral discoveries with much more ease, particularly the inaccessible areas.

Commenting on the successful deployment of Magarrow, Mr. Cyriac Joseph, Founder and CEO, M/s. Squadrone Infra and Mining Pvt. Ltd. said, “This is an exciting moment as this drone-based world class technology would bring about a significant shift in the current methods of Mineral prospecting and revitalize mineral discoveries in the country, particularly greenfield deposits of Lithium, Copper, Gold, REE minerals and other Critical minerals. We can locate mineral deposits faster and more accurately in many inaccessible areas, harsh terrains, forests, deserts, farmlands, etc., without physical human entry into these areas. As it is a drone-based technology there is no need to build approach roads or disturb the ecology and environment of the mineral prospect areas. Additionally, mineral prospecting projects which traditionally take up 3 to 4 years can be completed within 5 to 6 months, with greater efficiency and accuracy, using this technology.

We congratulate and thank M/s. GMDC and M/s. Datacode, Nagpur to facilitate in taking this futuristic stride in our country.”

Commenting on the development, Mr.Piyush Shah, GM, GMDC said, “Through this initiative we have shown that mineral prospecting and exploration can greatly benefit from this new technology, especially when conducting geophysical surveys in hilly areas and other areas that are inaccessible. It will greatly benefit the mining sector as it takes the use of drones to the next level. Though the geological studies at Ambaji is still underway, we are sure that it will add immense value not only to the procedure of geophysical surveys but also in terms of safety and security as it lessens physical human intervention.”

Recent data suggests that India has identified 5.71 lakh sq. km (57.1 million Ha.) as the Obvious Geological Potential (OGP) area, but only 10 percent of it has been explored with 1.5 percent being mined. This makes India one of the few countries in the world to have a high Green field exploration potential given its highly Under-explored mineral deposit and mining potential.

Squadrone is in the process of exploring and working with GSI and other mining corporations/ companies as well, to deploy this and other futuristic drone based technologies for Mineral discovery and exploration in the country.

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