Signify launches Philips Motion Sensing T-Bulb in India

AU Staff | Hyderabad

Signify has launched its Philips Motion Sensing T-Bulb in India. With its superior inbuilt motion sensor, the light automatically turns on upon detecting motion within a 6-metre radius. For enhanced safety, the light first dims to Eco-mode after 2 minutes of inactivity and then switches off completely after another 3 minutes of inactivity. With its automatic switch-on function, it offers a convenient lighting solution for lesser accessed areas of a house like balconies, staircases, washrooms and parking areas.

The unique T-shape offers a wider light spread as compared to a conventional round-shaped bulb and its unique swivel action also enables easy adjustment for better focus. The bulb fits into existing bulb holders and helps conserves energy, as it switches off automatically after 5 mins of inactivity.

Commenting on the launch, Sumit Joshi, CEO and Managing Director of Signify’s South Asia operations, said, “We are delighted to introduce our Philips Motion Sensing T-Bulb for consumers in India. With its unique T-shape and superior motion sensor, it is a convenient automated lighting solution for lesser accessed areas of a house. Moreover, for enhanced safety of consumers, we have designed the product to dim down after 2 minutes of inactivity, before completely switching off after another 3 minutes.”

The Philips Motion Sensing T-Bulb is available in 12 W, 1100 Lumens pack in India and will be available across all small and large format retail stores and e-commerce platforms at an MRP of INR 1,399.

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