Designing smaller spaces is a real pleasure and they always end up looking so warm and lovely. This 1500 sq ft home was a space on the top floor of this family bungalow which was always rented out. Like everyone they too realised how important having enough space for everyone during Covid was and that’s when they decided to approach us to design this space to suit their needs.

Shagun always makes use of natural light as much as possible in all her projects. She believes that openness and light really has a positive impact on every space. So the first thing that she did was remove the very constraining windows and doors and added lovely sliding doors with white profiles so that the light could really flow into the home. The space already had a brick wall which was kept as it is  and made use of in the design palette.
The most important space in the home was the study room as the man of the house really needed a very effective space which he could use as his home office. Without overcrowding it but ensuring Shagun Singh got everything in the room that he needed she created a home office. Whilst every office must have a desk to work, she also created a cosy corner so that one can take a break from sitting upright on an office chair and enjoy just a loungy spot to either take a call or just take a coffee break. The great thing about this cozy corner especially once she changed the doors and windows is how it overlooks the green space.
The Living Dining and kitchenette area had to be carefully planned. This space was also going to be used for entertaining so I really wanted it to have an impact. Every piece of furniture was custom made to suit the needs of the space. Whilst the formal sitting room seats only four people but the whole area can actually seat upto 8 by using the very comfortable dining chairs Shagun Singh got made specific to work not just as dining chairs but also just seating. Since the balcony is large and she planned not to change the floor of the main house we really wanted the floor tiles to not just merge with the floor well but we  also wanted it to have that wow impact because when the french doors are opened it really looks like an extension of the main sitting room area.
The kitchenette as the name suggests isn’t where the main cooking takes place but it’s good for handling basic stuff and especially coffee as the clients take their coffee very seriously. Shagun kept the kitchen light and earthy and in line with the rest of the house and again didn’t want to overcrowd it in any way. Just right for what its main purpose would be.
The Master bedroom was large and we wanted to take advantage of that and so added multiple design elements to the space. A brick wall in a light grey color with some wood elements completed the look for the media wall and the study unit and decided to go with a very self print wall paper behind the bed. Shagun went ahead with a large custom made bed for the space as the area permitted for it . The guest bedroom being much smaller so she really wanted to make sure the bed and side tables held their own and really told a story here and be the show stopper for the space and we went with a very earthy rattan finish bed for the space. Both the bathrooms we went with the same finish and again kept to our earthy tones for the space. She chose a lovely Indian pattern for the floor and then got the most gorgeous red stone to accent out the spaces.
Lighting in every project is so important and a great big focus for her,so she used a combination of direct, indirect and accent lighting to really make each space stand out and she did this with this project as well.
One of her most favourite things about this project was using the beautiful photographs taken by our client, who by the way is a great photographer, to adorn all the walls. Each piece that you see was carefully chosen from his collection and she was very clear that this is what will go up on the walls and she thinks it’s so charming to be able to use things in our homes that we have invested time in so passionately.

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