‘Qubo empowers architects and designers to craft intelligent and future-proof living spaces’

Hero Electronix brand Qubo provides technology in creating smart living spaces in integration with interior designers and architects. Nikhil Rajpal, Founder, Qubo explains how their smart solutions addresses the needs across various genres of the housing system efficiently by bridging the technology literacy gap through user-friendly Apps in conversation with Tejaswini Paranjape.
1. How does Qubo technology cater to the specific needs of the Indian consumer, particularly while integrating advanced tech with aesthetics?
At Qubo, we’re dedicated to reimagining everyday devices found in your home, simplifying their operation, and enhancing your life. Our expansive range of smart home devices – including Smart Door Locks, Video Doorbells, Appliances, Security Cameras, Bulbs, and Plugs – empowers you to manage your home with a simple tap on your smartphone. Imagine a world where keys become obsolete, you receive a notification whenever someone approaches your door, appliances adjust to your preferences, and security cameras keep you informed of any unexpected activity – that’s the reality of a Qubo Smart Home.
Understanding the distinct needs of Indian homes is at the core of our philosophy. We cater to the diverse range of budgets, styles, and sizes that define Indian living spaces. Our product portfolio reflects this variety, offering a spectrum of sleek and stylish designs. Whether it’s the understated elegance of matte black finishes or the touch of class with premium copper locks, Qubo seamlessly complements your design vision.
Every Qubo product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it thrives in the unique Indian climate, delivering lasting performance. We refuse to compromise on aesthetics or user experience. This is where technology plays a vital role. We leverage AI for enhanced security and prioritize user-friendliness through intuitive product design and a user-friendly mobile app. This ensures you can enjoy the benefits of a smart home that integrates flawlessly into your living space, empowering you to live smarter and experience a new level of comfort.
2. What are the steps taken for creating smart homes considering the evolving Indian market?
The Indian smart home market is experiencing rapid growth, and Qubo is at the forefront of this evolution. Our solutions are designed with adaptability in mind. They work seamlessly with existing electrical systems and are future-proofed to integrate with upcoming technologies. For example, Qubo devices work with popular virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, providing flexibility for our customers.
Furthermore, we offer a range of solutions to cater to different budget segments and housing types, whether it’s compact apartment living or spacious villas. Our in-house tech development allows us to continuously evolve and adapt to the changing needs of the Indian market.
3. How does Qubo address the challenges of catering to a diverse range of Indian consumers in terms of regional and cultural variations, as well as technology literacy?
India’s rich tapestry of cultures and regional variations is reflected in its housing styles and consumer preferences. Qubo addresses this diversity through our adaptable technology stack. We can customize our offerings to resonate with specific regional needs while maintaining our commitment to innovation and reliability. For instance, our product recommendations might differ for metropolitan apartments compared to suburban villas. But one thing remains constant: there’s a Qubo solution for everyone.
Bridging the technology literacy gap is another focus area. We achieve this through simple and intuitive product design and a user-friendly app interface. Our solutions are designed to be inclusive, allowing everyone – from children and older adults to domestic staff – to enjoy the benefits of a smart home with ease.
4. What is Qubo’s USP in the smart home sector? How do you stay ahead of the curve and make a lasting impact?
Qubo stands out for our commitment to “Make in India” and complete ownership of our technology stack. This allows us to continuously evolve and adapt to market trends. We prioritize customer feedback, constantly innovating to create products that resonate with the Indian user.
Our dedication to exceptional pre- and post-sales service, along with a comprehensive warranty, sets us apart. We understand that a home is a significant investment, and Qubo ensures lasting value and peace of mind for your clients.
By creating beautiful, user-friendly, and adaptable smart home solutions, Qubo empowers architects and interior designers to craft living spaces that are not only stunning but also intelligent and future-proof.

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