Palam Vihar,Gurgaon by Interior Designer Shagun Singh


The 2500 sqft feet second floor space in Palam Vihar,Gurgaon designed for a young couple as their own private space.

The best thing about this home was the very large terrace that is attached to the house and the absolutely gorgeous tree lending shade and beauty to their home. Their personal floor was a large space in some respects and relatively smaller in some areas and to utilize the space in the most effective manner it had to be designed keeping in mind not only aesthetics but also logical accessibility.

The Main bedroom that is the master bedroom was created as their main living quarters and the second bedroom was as a family/entertainment room. Since the family room could well be an extension of the living room especially when they would be entertaining friends there was a French door added to the space with glass panels . The french door in Teak with the whole arch story was the real show stopper as it just enhanced the entire look of the room.

The vibe in the house is earthy rustic with very nude colors used on the walls and colours and textures coming off from the fabrics. The brick finish on the wall along with a panel wall really lends to the feature of earthy modern.

One of the big things in this home which they had not originally signed us up for was the terrace attached to this home. One look at it and as a design firm, the Homework team knew they had to make it beautiful so that it would become an extension of their formal living space. By adding some beautiful earthy mosaic feature tiles on the walls and ceiling , adding the correct lighting as a feature and making a new bar for the terrace we made the informal extension of the living room in the terrace. To finish it up some beautiful plants were added in custom make planter that transformed the home, giving life and colour to the terrace

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