KOKET: The Only Haute Couture Brand in the World of Interiors

KOKET has never hidden it’s love for fashion and haute couture. In fact, it is one of the brand’s
biggest inspirations in the creative process for new furniture and interior design. So, it comes
as no surprise that after Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Paris Haute Couture shows, the creative
minds of KOKET began putting pencil to paper designing furniture pieces that bring the Haute
Couture runway to the world of interiors. Sumptuous embellishments, embroidered intricacies, rich patterns, the iconic black & gold combination, feathers, florals and reptiles have all
been pulled out of the brand archives and rethought for this season.

Just as in fashion being able to call yourself Haute Couture is not something to be taken lightly,
it consists of using highly skilled talent, endless hours of precise hand workmanship and the
use of the finest materials the market has to offer. Pieces such as the Goddess Mirror and
Forbidden Bed are true examples of endless hours to achieve the desired outcome.

Iconic Black & Gold
Intricate Feather Design

KOKET is known globally for its gout for high drama and the iconic black & gold combination.
Upholstery is often shown in black for one simple reason: it is the “little black dress”. Designers adorn their dramatic black canvas with rich gold accents of metal, exquisite silk embroidery and exotic leathers.

Examples of the black canvas can be found in Elie Saab’s 2022 collection, where the gold accents are what give the piece structure, curve and strong presence. Just as in KOKET’s Chandra Chair, Ribbon Console, Tears Coffee Table and Euphoria Screen the gold accents tell the
story behind the piece.

The usage of delicate feathers on furniture pieces was first seen on the brand’s launch collection back in 2010, when KOKET seduced Paris design week with the Divine Armoire. Janet
Morais, the brand’s CEO and Founder, has been working with exquisite and delicate feathers
since the brands inception. Magnificent plumes have been applied in chair backs, armoires, bar
cabinets, wall panels and coverings. Once again, we see that KOKET is and has always been
in line with the great masters of Haute Couture, who adored at Paris Haute Couture Week
drama-loaded plumage-trimmed skirts, degrade feather dresses and capes, larger than life
feather hats and soft sleave accents.
KOKET’s feather collection consists of peacock, pheasant and quail feathers sourced from the
finest suppliers without endangering any species.

Larger-than-life Metals
Gold gilded glamour is at KOKET’s core. In true Dolce & Gabana Alta Moda style, heavy gold
accents have made the KOKET pieces true metal statement pieces, taking inspiration from
nature and converting it into magnificent metal works of art. The Heive Cabinet draws inspiration form a bee Heive adorned by sunrays, the Revê Mirror was once a layered flower
that was placed in front of a metal craftsman for him gracefully curve a sheet of metal into a
dreamy mirror. The most recent metal ribbon like piece added to the collection was the Neurotic Sconce which resembles the Chloe Sconce in its graceful curves.

Seductive Figure of a Serpent
KOKET’s use of the snake symbol has dual expression of good and evil, love and hate, fear
and fascination. Meticulously hand-carved sculptural snakes are in the Serpentine Collection,
Mistress Confidante and in the rich embossed leathers in the textile collection.
Zuhair Murad didn’t shy away from the use of the snake’s shape to create sensual tribute to
this mystical creature symbolizing health and vigor.

Bringing Nature Home
Fashion & KOKET have turned again to nature for inspiration. The Guilty Pleasure collection
features a bouquet of beautifully shaped floral elements such as flowers, petals and leaves,
either fashioned out of metal, wood or gold filagree. Schiaparelli’s surrealist nature inspirations and Gianbattista Valli fuel the minds of KOKET’s creative designers in ways that only nature can compete. This season KOKET has added natural stones to the already glorious Stella
Mirror and Spellbound Cabinet.

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