Hafele unveils Hafele DNA theme at the Indiawood 2022 event

Indiawood 2022 saw the legacy brand Hafele unfold its journey of almost 100 years through an interesting theme called the “Hafele DNA”. Like every human being, every organization also has a unique DNA that comprises of its culture, values, core business competencies, customer service approach and more. Through this theme, Hafele executed a unique communication language across its booth at Indiawood that spoke of its rich heritage, manufacturing expertise, engineering excellence, unparalleled innovations together with its unmatched position of a complete solution provider with a strong focus on service.
This theme was brought to life by the following strands that form the very essence of Hafele’s DNA:
1. Manufacturing Expertise & Engineering Excellence: Over the years, Hafele has grown into a reliable and preferred partner in South Asia and is increasingly being recognized as a brand that provides holistic interior solutions. We have every product in our range that can potentially add value to different interior spaces like homes, offices, institutions and hotels; and also create functionality for the different applications within any interior space. This year, Hafele launched a new range of kitchen and home solutions from its in-house global assortment – the Matrix Drawer and Runner Systems, Free Flap Fittings, Metalla 510 Furniture Hinges and Wire Storage Solutions. These products reflect the strong competencies that Hafele holds in research, development, engineering and manufacturing; and come with the well-recognized quality standards that the brand stands for, globally. With the introduction of this new global range of kitchen and home products, Hafele aims to strengthen its position in the market as a “Manufacturing organization” and will continue to bring in more such products engineered by Hafele that come with excellent quality standards. This, backed by the strong service-proposition that Hafele holds, will lend an unmatched “Hafele experience” to customers. A complete lifestyle and technical showcase of these newly launched kitchen solutions formed the very heart of Hafele’s booth at the Indiawood exhibition. A life-size Hafele DNA strand stood at the very center of these displays, bringing a strong metaphoric connect to the DNA theme.

2. Technological Bend: Hafele has always had a strong bend towards technology and is constantly bringing in solutions that are backed by latest technical know-how and expertise. The launch of Hafele’s Connect Mesh at its booth in Indiawood 2022 is a strong testament of the brands knack for developing technologically advanced and superior solutions. Developed in-house Hafele’s Connect Mesh module, for the individual control of light within interior spaces, sets a new standard. This one-of-a-kind technology links the light fixtures within any interior space to a central communication system through which you can digitally control the light settings. The heart of the system is the specially developed Häfele Connect Mesh Chip, which uses Bluetooth® Low Energy technology to allow all system components to communicate wirelessly with each other by forwarding control information to other nodes via radio technology. This module is also integrated in all Loox lighting control components. Thanks to extensive encryption, the system enables secure communication between many devices simultaneously.

3. Unparalleled Innovation: Hafele has been a first at many innovations – the company was the first to launch a filter-free hood (Teresa) in India, bringing unparalleled innovation in fume extraction without the daily hassles of cleaning and maintaining the filters of the cookerhood. The brand did a curtain raiser on yet another innovation at the Indiawood Exhibition 2022 – India’s first ever fully-sealed gas hob.

Boiling forms an integral part of Indian cooking be it to simmer the Indian dal or sambhars, add flavour to the gravy laden subzis or to prepare our daily fuel, i.e. chai (the Indian tea) and coffee. As a result there is also a possibility to over boil the food, every once in a while, which more often than not causes the prepared food to overflow onto the hob surface. In a built-in hob, such spillage can seep into the internal body of the hob as well as cause blockage of the jets which makes cleaning difficult and affects the overall performance of the hob over a period of time. Having studied this pattern of cooking and by calibrating the make of a hob to match our observations, Häfele designed India’s First Fully Sealed Hob Range – Altius. These hobs are engineered to prevent any spillage from entering their inner cavities making them functionally effective and increasingly durable. The unique jet design of the burners minimises blockage due to spillage ensuring consistent flame output. The high-quality Brass burners in these hobs provide a focused flame that adapts to the bottom of the cooking vessel; centering at the rounded portion of a wok for maximum heat concentration to allow for seamless blending of the spices and seasoning in the oil. Alternately, the same flame adjusts effortlessly under a flat pan used for making chapatis, offering ideal heat distribution to the base of the pan. This unique feature makes the Altius FS Hobs a fitting range for Indian Cooking.

4. Bringing Trends to Life:
a) Micro-living – a trend that is increasing in most cities of the world and is forcing a relook at space optimization. Keeping a strong focus on this trend, Hafele for the first time ever created a micro-living area at its booth in Indiawood 2022. This area was designed as a small apartment showcasing Hafele’s range of Space Square solutions meant for transformable space applications. From folding and space-optimizing beds to countertop extension tables, the apartment threw light on the different ways in which Hafele solutions can enable space-optimizing solutions in small living spaces. Equipped with a home security lock for the entrance, appliances in the kitchen and laundry areas, bathroom fittings and much more, this apartment gave a realistic approach to micro-living and gave inspirational ideas to our OEM customers on executing such spaces with ease.
b) Floor to Ceiling sliding doors: Again an outcome of effective space utilization, sliding doors are becoming increasingly popular for wardrobe and home partitions. Hafele houses the most comprehensive range of sliding solutions for furniture, door and automatics. At Indiawood, Hafele showcased its most recent launch of a floor-to-ceiling sliding system called Aluflex. From offering an elegant access to your walk-in wardrobe set-up to functioning as a captivating partition system between living areas or in commercial spaces, the Aluflex 80 B aluminium profiled system provides a mesmerising floor to ceiling sliding solution with numerous panel design and material application possibilities. You can choose wooden panels for privacy, glass panels for complete openness and transparency or a mix of patterned glass and wood to achieve a truly customized look. The patented system operates on the bottom roller and track mechanism, placing maximum load of the door on the base and allowing door weights of up to 80 kg. The integrated double-sided soft closing mechanism of Aluflex 80 B enables smooth and quiet operations while opening and closing the doors on either side.
c) Height Adjustable Tables: With offices entering homes and ergonomics being the focal point of any interior design, the use of height-adjustable tables are increasing. Recognising this trend Hafele brings to you, smart height adjustable table fittings that are ergonomically designed to grant you the highest level of flexibility and comfort. The two models within this range Alti 120 and Alti 80 can be installed anywhere you require a workstation – offices, commercial business centres, shared workspaces, colleges and homes. This range enables you to change the height of your worktable according to your convenience; while sitting it helps you attain the perfect posture preventing you from acquiring back ailments or any kind of muscle or eye strain and while standing it helps you burn extra calories by increasing your cardiovascular activity. Constant movement adjusts the amount of load being put on the body, increases specific body part rest intervals, and thus reduces the development of adverse risk factors that may eventually lead to obesity, thrombosis, diabetes and cholesterol. This also enhances productivity and improves mental health.

5. Strong Service Focus: Our customers’ working environments are becoming increasingly complex, and their markets are becoming ever more demanding. This drives the motivation to do everything in our power to help our customers be successful in these challenging times. With that thought, Hafele introduces Service+. These are services that go beyond the standard expectations of our customers and add value to their businesses in terms of building expertise, increasing productivity, providing individualized solutions or assisting them with their post-purchase requirements. The objective of Service+ to empower our customers and industry with accurate Knowledge and expertise; to be a helping hand in terms of planning and customization; and to provide a “peace of mind experience” through post-purchase service assistance.

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