Hafele unveils Falmec’s Light Cookerhood


Falmec’s Light Cookerhood by Häfele is pure innovation. Inspired by the “less is more” logic, Light features a clean, minimal shape, that fits perfectly into contemporary kitchen environments. ‎ It is precisely the essence of its simple and linear shape that makes it unique and at the same time extremely versatile. ‎

The new “Multi-Air” suction technology divides the suction power into multiple ultra-compact motors, distributed horizontally, for widespread suction with extremely reduced height, i.e. 10 cm. The suction element is enclosed by two profiles in black satin aluminum and, in the upper part, by two smoked glasses that close the structure offering a practical support surface. An LED light, integrated into the external profiles, extends along the entire length of the hood to not only better illuminate the worktop but also the surrounding space, creating a warm ambience for any kitchen space.

In 2021, Falmec Light won the Archiproducts Design Award for its innovative technology and design as well as for creating an expression of minimalism and modernity to ensure maximum comfort in the kitchen. It also bagged the Prestigious 2022 German Design Award for Excellent Product Design in the kitchen category.

The perfect geometric lines that define Light’s distinctive profile together with an ultra-compact suction body, make it a revolutionary product. This island solution with an extremely scenic effect, therefore, becomes the main centrepiece of the kitchen, whether it is an independent space or in tandem with the living area.

Multi-Air technology unlocks new design horizons for hood concepts that were previously unthinkable. The technology allows the suction power to be distributed horizontally, in several small motors, rather than having it concentrated in just one as is usual, thus guaranteeing the same suction efficiency but within an extremely reduced volume. It also means greater creative freedom.

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