Hafele launches New Architectural Lighting Range – Cambridge Series

With Hafele’s New Architectural Lighting Range you will find all your lighting needs taken care of. Whether it is lighting up a small area, highlighting a wall texture, emphasizing on a work of art, illuminating the floor space at night or simply ensuring even distribution of light across the entire space – these lights have got you covered. The range covers various applications, installation techniques and design themes. Each series comes with a comprehensive offering of the different types of interior lights, be it downlights, spotlight or wall washers, which allows you to implement a consistent design theme (in terms of the lighting fixtures) across the space available, even with differentiated illumination techniques.

Creating appealing interiors requires a combination of both, a well-focused light highlighting specific areas or places of interest and a well spread out light illuminating other areas. This demands luminaires which offer visual precision by giving a precisely focused beam and those which offer a wider beam by giving an even light distribution. It thus becomes critical to carefully select the perfect downlight and spotlight that does justice to your interiors. The Cambridge series downlights and spotlights offer this visual appeal and functionality by giving a focused beam of light with the pinhole variant and a more spread out beam using the cone variant. These luminaires have a lower unified glare rating (UGR) which enhances the visual experience.

Hafele’s Cambridge series is a sleek and modern lighting solution that can be used for general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting, offering enhanced aesthetics, functionality and energy efficiency for both residential and commercial spaces giving you a well-illuminated and visually appealing environment.

Engineered on the same philosophy of ‘easiness’ and ‘flexibility’ as the Loox furniture lighting system, Hafele can now be your holistic, lighting solutions provider, delivering premium ambient, task and accent lighting for your living spaces.

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