Hafele launches Blanco Sinks and Faucets

Long gone are the times when a sink was merely used for function. These days it can be the muse for a kitchen or perhaps an entire home. Häfele’s range of SILGRANITTM kitchen sinks by BLANCO, Germany is backed by 60 years of experience and research in market knowledge, engineering proficiency and latest technologies, just so that we can adapt to your likeness and needs. The SILGRANIT material is a unique and patented technological breakthrough that combines the hardest elements found in natural granite, acrylic, ceramic and colour pigments to give you the result of a kitchen sink surface you may have never seen before.

Features – Sinks:

Hygiene+ Plus is a patented built-in hygiene protection formula that acts as a shield against dirt and bacteria and makes it antibacterial. It reduces the growth of hygienically relevant bacteria by up to 98%.
Scratch resistant property of the sinks makes it safer for you to stack utensils and sharp-edged containers or instruments in them without worrying about scrapes and abrasions. The draining board can be also used for cutting and chopping activities owing to this property.
The SILGRANITTM surface can take heat up to temperatures of 280 ˚C allowing you stress-free and convenient handling of hot pans and pots.
You can place and work with food and vegetables in these sinks, as the SILGRANITTM material is food safe.
The SILGRANITTM material contains agents that repel dirt and water and hence it is easy to clean and care for.

Blanco Faucets

Contemporary architecture views a kitchen faucet not only as a source of water flow but also as an ornament that crowns the sink. Putting this into perspective, Hafele introduces new models to its range of modern kitchen faucets by Blanco, conceptualised and created in line with emerging interior trends.
The Blanco Faucets by Hafele display sheer elegance in their design and are available in a chrome plated finish as well as colours that match the look and texture of the Blanco SILGRANIT sinks. The Faucet Range also includes variants that come with extendable spouts enabling you to clean every corner of the sink bowl with acute efficiency! All Blanco faucets falling under Hafele’s Range are extensively tested and certified and thus provide maximum safety in terms of health and hygiene

Features – Mixer Taps
The Hafele faucets by Blanco are extensively tested and certified, thus providing maximum safety in terms of health and hygiene
They are created with certified quality materials; all water conducting parts of the faucets have been tested
The patented Neoperl cascade reduces limescale and provides an even flow of water
The elastic silicone nubs keep the spray free of limescale and are easy to clean
The integrated non-return check valve avoids backflow of used water when the spray is in use
The durable ceramic disc cartridges provide for a precise adjustment of the water amount and temperature

Discover the contemporary designs of the Blanco Sinks and Faucets Range at the Hafele Booth this ACETECH. Come Reimagine easiness, convenience, flexibility and innovation while you draw many ideas and inspirations from our real-life product displays.

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