Hafele brings top 3 Sliding Solutions to Enhance Wardrobe Functionality

Wardrobe Sliding Solutions by Hafele offer an ideal combination of space-saving functionality and aesthetic appeal, especially in spaces where installing hinged doors is not feasible. While the hinged door takes up a lot of floor space when opened, sliding solutions glide horizontally, providing seamless access to the wardrobes. 

Get tremendous flexibility of accessing your walk-in-wardrobes with Aluflex 60T, an aluminum profiled system that allows you to experiment with wood or glass door panels. Experience the smoothest and softest movement with SLIDO F-Line42 50C that comes equipped with the new improved Smuso damper technology. Achieve wider access to your wardrobe with Häfele’s SLIDO F-Fold61 50A, a Vorfront end-fixing sliding folding wardrobe sliding system. 

So, get convenient access and efficient space utilization with Hafele’s Range of Sliding Solutions. 

Aluflex 60T

Aluflex 60T is an aluminum profiled system that helps achieve seamless floor to ceiling partitions with numerous panel design and material application possibilities. True to its name, it provides tremendous flexibility with respect to design, allowing you to experiment with wood or glass (patterned) door panels. Catering to door weight of up to 60 kg, the uniqueness of Aluflex 60T lies in its patented mechanism. The sliding system comes with a top roller mechanism that sustains the entire weight of the door, negating the need for any bottom track installation thus leaving the floor space completely unobstructed and clear. The integrated double-sided soft closing mechanism of Aluflex 60T enables smooth and quiet operations while opening and closing the doors on either side.

In terms of installation and assembly, Aluflex 60T has an uncomplicated assembly process, and any post installation adjustments can be simply done with the help of an allen key through minimal drillings in the profiles. The attractive Anodized Black finish of the profiles and tracks exudes style and sophistication as well as adds character and dimension to your interiors.

SLIDO F-Line42 50C

The SLIDO F-Line42 Wardrobe Systems are Vorfront sliding systems that provide advanced double-sided soft closing and opening features. Equipped with the new improved Smuso damper technology, they will let you experience the smoothest and softest movement with every slide.

SLIDO F-Line42 50C Wardrobe Sliding System, designed for aluminium profiled glass doors is Häfele’s in-house manufactured and designed system. One of its kind, this system is the finest example of class and sophistication interspersed with ease of installation and maintenance. Equipped with rollers at the top and bottom, the SLIDO F-Line42 50C is sturdier than similar systems in the market. The anti-derailing clips ensure secure operations of doors that can weigh as much as 50 kg and can have a height of up to 3 meters. The soft opening and closing motions are achieved with the help of individual damper kits, that make for smoother and silent door operations. The design of the system is such that installation and access/maintenance thereafter of the bottom roller mechanism is simpler.

SLIDO F-Fold61 50A 

SLIDO F-Fold61 50A Wardrobe Sliding System combines the benefit of both sliding and folding mechanisms, allowing effortless access to your wardrobes. It is a Vorfront end-fixing sliding folding wardrobe solution for wooden and aluminum profiled doors that has a maximum weight carrying capacity of 50 kg for two door panels. 

Designed for sophisticated and compact spaces, this system gives you obstruction-free access to your wardrobes. When combined with Hafele’s Metalla Hinges with integrated soft close technology, you achieve smoother and impact-free door transitions that enhance convenience. 

SLIDO F-Fold61 50A comes without a bottom track and includes a smaller number of components which makes it easy to install. With less visible hardware, this system offers seamless aesthetics that complement your premium interiors.


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