Getzner India isolates vibrations at India’s largest convention centre IECC

Getzner’s Acoustic Floor Mats and anti-vibration mountings for walls and ceilings are
used at India’s iconic Exhibition and Convention Centre IECC to protect visitors from
vibrations and structure-borne noise.

It will be a new landmark in the city of New Delhi and the
location of the G-20 Summit in 2023: The International Exhibition and Convention
Centre (IECC) in the Pragati Maidan Exhibition Complex will boost a 7000-seat plenary
hall, a 3000-seat amphitheatre, 600- and 900-seat auditoriums, 22 meeting rooms, as
well as special areas for dignitaries and VIPs on 50,000 square metres. The technology
of the Austrian anti-vibration expert Getzner Werkstoffe will minimise structure-borne
noise and improve the comfort in the convention centre.

On approximately 6.000 square metres, the Getzner specialists have installed their Acoustic
Floor Mat 26 – a 3D-profiled, highly resilient form of impact noise insulation based on a
combination of polyurethane and cork. “The AFM 26 sheets are used as a highly efficient
under screed resilient layer. The speciality of this product is its outstanding noise protection
which it keeps the entire lifetime. Of course, it is free from harmful plasticizers that would
affect the interior air quality. It effectively reduces the impact noise, is resistant to high loads, and is easy to install and handle with a low installation height”, reports Ameya Naik, Sales Manager at Getzner India Pvt. Ltd. In addition, the product is made entirely from recycled raw materials, which reduces the carbon footprint to a minimum.

Additionally to the Acoustic Floor Mats, Getzner has installed more than 12.000 anti-vibration
mountings for the elastic decoupling of walls and ceilings. Mr. Naik explains: “With a natural
frequency of less than 10 Hz, these hangers help to reduce noise transmission even in the
low frequency range”. He further added that Getzner offers customised solutions to meet
different building acoustics requirements.

The Pragati Maidan Exhibition Complex in the heart of New Delhi, managed by the India
Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO), is the largest exhibition centre in India both in terms of
exhibition space (65.000 square metres) and the number of events held – approximately 90
per year! To make the Pragati Maidan Complex a globally competitive location, it requires
improved capacity and state-of-the-art facilities. That is the vision behind the redevelopment
of the facility and the construction of the iconic International Exhibition and Convention
Centre (IECC).

Home of G-20 summit 2023
The IECC will be 120 metres wide, 185 metres long and 32 metres high, spread across
approximately 50.000 square metres. It will boost a unique façade in red sandstone, with
large cantilevers giving a floating effect to the elliptical building. After a two-phase
redevelopment process, the IECC will have a 7000-seat plenary hall, a 3000-seat
amphitheatre for cultural performances, a 600- and 900-seat auditorium, as well as 22
meeting rooms for 50-500 people. The IECC will host the G-20 Summit in 2023, and it has
special areas for high level dignitaries and premium meeting rooms. The whole complex
comprises a total of 11 modern exhibition halls.

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