FABER introduces Neutron Plus water purifier with Copper + Technology

FABER introduced Neutron Plus water purifier with Copper + Technology. From membranes to UV Filters and more, Faber water purifiers are offering various features. Faber Neutron Plus’s 9 stage purification ensures that consumer gets safe and clean drinking water. The copper plus technology helps maintain its pH balance (acid-alkaline) and kills microorganisms, moulds, fungi, bacteria that could be harmful for our body. Alkaline Water:Neutralises body acidity caused by stress, dietary habits, pollution, and bottled water,restores bodily functions by cleaning cells and strengthens the immune system to tackle diseases.

Faber offers a unique Mineral Addition Technology filter. As the name suggests, the filter is fortified by naturally occuring minerals to add back essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium to treated water.

Most competitive water purifiers offer only activated carbon in their post-filtration filter which adds nothing to the chemical composition of treated water.
High TDS Limit

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) represents the total amount of impurities in water. Higher the TDS, higher the amount of impurity and vice versa. Faber water purifiers purify water even when the TDS is as high as 3000ppm.

Most Purifiers fail to work when TDS level of water is more than 1800ppm.

Made in U.S.A, the superior and tamper-proof membranes of these purifiers are manufactured under zero human intervention. They can work up to 3000ppm TDS level making Faber water purifiers the only ones to decontaminate water under such extreme conditions

None of the other competitive brands offer NSF 58 certified membrane. In fact, many well-known RO companies use cheap membranes in their products.

When it comes to Faber water purifiers, the water is passed sequentially through RO and UV filters so that it is 100% pure. Many competitive brands don’t follow this protocol as water is made to pass through either one of two filters. Because of this water is not 100% pure.

The NSF-58 approved membranes of Faber water purifiers are robotically manufactured under strict quality-controlled measures. They are the only ones to offer 20-micron and a 5-micron sediment filter across their range to enhance the life of their RO membranes.

Most purifiers offer a 5-micron sediment filter which chokes the RO membrane faster as more dirt passes through it.

Faber water purifiers are made of food grade plastic with special additives that have anti-microbial properties. They stop the growth of microbes to ensure that the water in storage tanks is free from microbial contamination.

Most competitive water purifiers don’t add these special additives. So, there’s a risk of water contamination within 4-5 hours of storage.

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