Euronics launches NERO Series

Euronics brings to you a sharp and sophisticated way to make a style statement in your washroom. Our new Black Matte series ‘Nero’ brings a more aesthetic and soothing appeal to your washroom space.

Premium bathroom accessories by ‘Nero’ adds a very evident flair to your washroom without ever compromising its efficiency. With ‘Nero’, you can turn your bath space into an epitome of perfection and bring more finesse to your washroom experience. The color ‘black’ is a bold style statement on its own. Along with an aesthetic touch, adding these matte black bathroom accessories will also bring a luxurious and elegant edge to your bathroom.

On this launch, Mr. Abhishek Jain, MD, Euronics said, “Black accents in any space often act as a dark curtain, allowing your other decor elements to take the center stage. The matte dark tone can bring modern and luxe vibes to any washroom effortlessly. We were always known for our innovative equipment, but this time, we welcome a subtle style along with the solid statement of our products. We are ready to see what response NERO would garner from our customers and clients. With this new range, we aim to reach to the very best of the office spaces that want to focus on their interiors as well as hygiene needs.”

Euronics Nero range is the perfect choice to add to while personalizing your bathroom with respect to the style that suits you as it’s the perfect mix of contemporary and sleek vibes. They are also ideal for individuals who are interested in upgrading their washroom accessories with technology.

Explore our full range:

Below mentioned are the products available in this range –

Automatic Soap Dispensers
Euronics automatic soap dispenser is a touchless device, which helps to ensure that there is no cross-contamination between repeated uses. This is the reason that so many public and shared spaces have automatic liquid soap dispensers in the restrooms. With hundreds of people using these facilities, the possibility for infection and disease are higher. Euronics automatic hand wash dispenser does not require any form of contact to dispense soap.

Sensor Taps
The versatile Sensor Taps come with built-in sensors that allow it to detect motion and when an object appears, like a hand in front of the tap, it automatically lets out the flow of water immediately. They provide the minimal levels of water consumption because they switch off automatically. Hence this can lead to a cut down of water wastage by up to 70%. Additionally, they regulate water at a consistently regulated temperature all year round.

Hand Dryers
Euronics Hand Dryers make hand drying fast and easy. Designed with a high-velocity air stream that completely eliminates water droplets and vapor, it dries hands in seconds. Energy Efficient technology makes it the preferred choice. We offer various models of electric hand dryers such as jet hand dryer, stainless steel hand dryers, metal hand dryers, ABS hand dryer & high speed hand dryers, etc. Suitable for hotels, offices, airports, shopping malls, stores and other public places. It helps in saving 80% energy vs conventional hand dryers. It keeps the environment hygienic and germ-free. It reduces carbon footprint by 70% in comparison to paper dispensers and saves upto INR 40,000 per washroom per year vs paper dispensers.

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