DLF Belaire

When designer Shagun Singh from Homework Design Studio set out to plan the design of this 3200 sqft apartment for this wonderful family of four, she envisioned a home which was grand, warm and welcoming . It was clear that the homeowners loved the grandeur yet wanted it to be subtle and a space that truly reflected each of their personalities. The earthy finishes on the walls were highlighted by the opulence in lighting and statement art pieces that were personally handpicked by Shagun. Designing their elder daughter’s room for Shagun was probably the highlight of this home. A young pre-teen and a budding artist with such a keen sense of aesthetics and so much clarity in exactly how she wanted her personal space to look and feel like. She always debated enough before she agreed to any ideas.

In a city of towering buildings this beautiful home overlooks the green expanse of the Aravalli’s and on clear days it’s a delight to enjoy the outdoor space that this home has to offer. Designing this home was done making sure that it had a timeless charm to it no matter what the changing design trends, a subtle opulence and a space which would allow the young couple to add their own little bits & bobs over the years.

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