Dilli Sadan, By Studio Archohm

Dilli Sadan a Project by Studio Archohm

Delhi has a long and illustrious history, yet it has always welcomed changes in the contemporary world. The idea here preserves Delhi’s dynamic identity, moving toward a futuristic narrative while still reminiscing on the glory of the past. The state’s guest house will be located in Dwarka Sector 19, which aims to be a cosmopolitan and energetic center that will become Delhi’s new hot spot. Taking into account the Bhawans of other states in Delhi, the Delhi Sadan will be a feasible housing option for dignitaries from all over the world. The design is supposed to be a vibrant, contemporary government hotel with a lot of greenery and elegance. It is a design that will be an iconic and practical lodging for dignitaries/officers visiting Delhi from all across India and the world. The Sadan will symbolize all of the city’s contemporary and modern conveniences as well as its historic architectural legacy. In the urban context of the national capital region, the sub-city of Dwarka is located near Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Design components of Dilli Sadan include a hotel accommodation complex, restaurants, souvenir shops, and recreational areas. Banquet and conference halls, parking facilities, and other essential building services. Dilli Sadan’s architecture represents how Delhi has traditionally been the power center of the Indian subcontinent. Dilli Sadan’s diverse program aims to create a thriving hub for citizens on a local level. It aims to create a hospitable, inclusive, and sustainable environment by bringing people and activities together to facilitate social interaction. It acts as a cultural center, government accommodations, and a green-scape.

The intent is to establish “Dilli Sadan” as a trustworthy and cost-effective lodging option. The aim is to create a cultural center that reflects the grandeur of Delhi as a metropolis while also providing food, entertainment, and shopping experiences for residents in the area. As a modern story of the historic city, the design journey serves as a framework for regeneration, providing a much-needed bold new face to the southwest area of Delhi.

Concept and design

The pair of 36-meter towers will be a landmark in Dwarka’s neighboring region and are meant to meet the highest hospitality and wellness standards. By incorporating Delhi’s intangible heritage, the culture of the city in which it is set is preserved. The morphology of the project is to create a sizable high plinth outdoor area and a public plaza, which will be complemented by various services geared at local inhabitants. The concept emphasizes sustainability, with accommodations and public spaces bathed with natural light and fresh air, as well as biophilic components and materials that boost wellbeing.

Ramps lead to an observation platform, allowing visitors to ascend metaphorically to a pedestal. The Delhi Sadan is destined to become a new landmark for its historical position and the city’s ever-changing and empowering architecture. The one-of-a-kind design addresses the challenge of honoring Delhi’s rhythm and distinctive streetscape while serving as a place of hospitality for legislators and public and cultural meeting space. The result is an elegant approach in which the government owns the infrastructure, but the inhabitants of Delhi hold the architecture.

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