Colaba Restaurant Unveils Stunning Blend of India’s Heritage and Modern Design for Culinary Adventure


By Amey Dahanukar, Founder, ARA Designs

Project Name: Bombay Brasserie

Location: Colaba, Mumbai

Area: 3000 sq.ft.

Year: 2023

Photo credits- Santosh Kardak

Seamlessly blending the old Bombay art deco with a unique modern touch, the interiors at our Colaba location are designed to showcase our rich and diverse art and cultural heritage. From hand-woven textile rolls, iconic tin tiffin and hand-painted wooden dolls for the wall art, banana lead fiber as a backdrop to terrazzo tiles for the flooring and vibrant hand-woven kites on the ceiling, our interiors are a fruition of the rich hues, different textures, iconic handicraft techniques, and vibrant patterns that are an essence of our nation’s heritage. A celebration of India’s rich heritage, combining traditional elements and an aesthetic modern design with the epochal art-deco style, to create a truly unique and captivating style, enter the charming oasis to embark on a brand new culinary journey.

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