CMC Launches Italian Marble-Inspired KalingaStone Quartz

Inspired by timeless Italian marble designs, Classic Marble Company (CMC) has launched an all new collection in KalingaStone Quartz. The collection is a range of seven white Quartz products in varying tones of grey, brown and black veins including Calacatta Lazza, Calacatta Pristine, Calacatta Venezia, Calacatta Nero, Crystal Bliss, Crystal Serene and Calacatta Rivolo. A unique blend of beauty, durability, tradition and innovation; the white Quartz collection offers a synergy between elegant Italian craftsmanship and the enduring strength of quartz.

A combination of cutting-edge design and innovative technology, the new Quartz products are ideal for countertops, backsplashes, window sills, furniture and stairs, as well as in wall clads and bathroom applications.

“An engineered material, KalingaStone Quartz slabs are extremely strong and hard, hygienic, non-porous, and popularly installed in applications that demand durability with aesthetics. The material is stain-resistant and is also resistant to wear and tear including scratching. This minimizes the need for any special maintenance. Quartz slabs are an ideal choice for kitchens since the stone does not corrode or discolour despite coming in direct contact with alkalis, acids or other regular kitchen spills. It also is resistant to heat and cold making it a perfect material for kitchen countertops,” says the company release.

KalingaStone Quartz is certified by NSF International as a safe and secure surface for food handling and general hygiene. CMC is an environmentally conscious brand and ensures the use of healthier and non-toxic materials in manufacturing.

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