CMC Launches Deluxe White Terrazzo From KalingaStone Elite Collection

Classic Marble Company (CMC) has launched its latest Terrazzo product – Deluxe White from KalingaStone Elite collection. The exquisite design has mosaic patterns in a mix of big and small chips embedded in the marble slabs. The Deluxe White is a white terrazzo marble with colourful chips distinctly interspersed across the slab. A timeless terrazzo, the Deluxe White is reminiscent of the classical art deco design and is recommended for wall and floor applications for creating stunning spaces in living residences.

A revolutionary product characterised by new-age design with an old-world charm, the Terrazzo collection is a unique offering that combines exquisiteness of mosaics and elegance of marble. With mosaics designs making a comeback, the Terrazzo has become one of the most popular marble designs today. While the newly introduced product is perfectly suited for all marble based applications, the Deluxe White is best suited for flooring and wall claddings.

The Terrazzo slabs can be re-polished to maintain its natural beauty. The product is less porous, more flexible and harder than natural marble making it an ideal choice for different types of interior applications like flooring, walls, stairs and countertops in commercial as well as residential areas.

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