Blum launches LEGRABOX

If you are looking for a lean, sleek and slim drawer system with an unprecedented level of performance, you do not need to look for anything other than the BLUM LEGRABOX drawer system. The box system strikes clear lines, parallel frame design, and accent lines as central design elements.

LEGRABOX is a drawer system that can make your kitchen furniture systematic by saving a lot of space in the kitchen, unlike cabinets. It is a trend in itself to have storage spaces like the LEGRABOX that are engineered in a way to mix style with utility for its consumers. It is easy to clean and maintain, thus making it an apt choice for working professionals.

LEGRABOX features customizable design elements that provide a simple open look, with various colours and stainless-steel anti-fingerprint material. The colours are universally usable and blend seamlessly into various furniture designs thanks to the matte metallic surface.

LEGRABOX Terra Black Matte is used for special furniture due to its dark elegance. The LEGRABOX stainless steel (Inox) anti-fingerprint has an elegant design and is ideal to combine with dark surfaces. Lastly, LEGRABOX Orion Grey Matte is suitable for all living spaces thanks to its delicate, elegant and versatile design.

The LEGRABOX guarantees maximum stability when opening and closing drawers even when it is fully extended and heavily laden, thanks to high dynamic carrying capacities of 40 and 70 kg. It also lets one print their brand name on the drawer sides.

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