Blum India inaugurates its new warehouse

Blum India inaugurated its new warehouse which will be the centre for supplying products to all customers in India and nearby countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka.

With nearly 1 lakh square feet of warehouse space, Blum India are well-positioned to ship across these countries. Blum India has dispatched its first shipment from the brand-new warehouse, with all processes and set-up fully operational to serve their partners effectively.

“This new warehouse is Blum India’s first packaging and distribution centre. We’re confident that this new development will add unprecedented value in establishing the company strongly in India”, says Nadeem Patni, Managing Director of Blum India.

Blum has almost doubled their team as compared to last year, now employing a staff of *50. “The growth of Blum India would not have been possible without the commitment and efforts of Blum employees. They form the cornerstone in the pursuit of enhancing our growth further and gaining an even stronger foothold in India. We owe our sincere thanks to the Blum India team”, Nadeem Patni emphasises.

Blum believes in bringing alive the experience of their products in an extraordinary way. Not only can a user experience the products but can also get inspired by various design ideas for all living spaces at Blum’s authorised centres. Blum products are available across various centres.

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