Archana Surana to be the Face of India at the CUMULUS Global Association

India on world Design Platform, Archana Surana, Founder & Director of the ARCH College of Design & Business, has been elected to the 8thCUMULUS Executive Board (2022-2025).

CUMULUS is the leading global association of Art, Design Education & Research. It represents a dynamic ecosystem with 350+ member institutions in 60+ countries.

Sharing about the process of her selection, Archana Surana said, “I was nominated for candidacy to the Board by the Presidential Candidate Lorenzo Imbesi, a Full Professor from the Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. 356 universities from 66 countries voted & today I am part of the 11 diverse members of the Executive Board, led by Prof. Lorenzo Imbesi.” She represents India among the 11 countries on the Board.

Regarding the opportunities her representation would bring to Design Education in the country, she stated that she would be able to bring in committed advocacy for the beneficial role of designers and artists through this dynamic forum and platform for knowledge exchange and best practices.

“I am an ardent advocate of the essential and positive role that designers and the Creative Industries can play towards helping shape a sensitive, empathetic and better world. I would be initiating cooperation and collaboration from industry bodies and fellow higher education institutions of design, architecture and engineering from India towards this purpose and further strengthen the ‘Women in Design’ initiative of Cumulus, alongside building a mentorship model within the CUMULUS network,” she added.

A Woman Entrepreneur & Educationist for the past 27 years in the modern fledgling state of Rajasthan in India Archana Surana has succeeded in firmly establishing and strengthening the perceptions and awareness of Design and Design Education in the country.

She has worked closely with the community via social projects, design intervention projects, mentorship programs, and has contributed to the larger mandate of design & creative entrepreneurship on many levels through industry collaboration and as a member of the National Committee on Design India (2021-22) of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

Also, being a US State Department and Rotary Foundation Alumnus, a Vital Voices Lead Fellow, and a Fortune and Global Ambassadors Program Mentee, she is supporting and mentoring women from all walks of professional life through the Women’s Mentors Forum founded by her.

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