Aedas-designed low-carbon collaborative hub in Shenzhen

Aedas (executive director Kelvin Hu, founder and global principal designer Keith Griffiths), Shenzhen Capol International & Associates and MLA+B.V. joined hands to win the Shenzhen Construction Industry Ecological & Intelligent Valley Headquarters design competition. The design is set to be a low carbon smart hub embraced by a lush landscape in Longgang district, Shenzhen.

Located in Daiyuen Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Science-Education City, the project enjoys rich natural resources that are backed by Yingju Mountain and Shenxianliang. The design has integrated urban development, industrial spaces and villages to create a multi-functional park.

The design has enhanced the biodiversity, connectivity and sustainability of the plot. A seamless connection is achieved via multidimensional linkages through a comprehensive pedestrian system, an optimised traffic plan, as well as open green corridors and outdoor communal spaces that extend the landscape to the plot.

The headquarters has adopted an integrated layout design, creating a work-live complex that binds the living space and recreational amenities with the office area, with the inclusion of greenery in the facade and within the headquarters.

To design a sustainable and humane environment, the design adopted ecological measures including flood management and a water-absorbing system. These ensure flexibility to cope with the local climate and enhance the porosity of the project.

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