Evaluation Process


While we are confident of our objective for the award function, the true challenge lies in the conduct of the process in a manner that is Transparent, Unbiased and Unquestionable – characteristics, which are intrinsic to the principle editorial values of Architecture Update.

These thoughts precisely form the basis of the methodology of selection of the award winners. The winners will be shortlisted on basis of research and devised with expert inputs from our advisory board members who are amongst industry stalwarts.

The evaluation process will be as follows:

  • Call for Entries
  • Shortlisting/ Filing Nominations
  • Data Collation
  • Independent Evaluation and Validation by Research Partner
  • Selection and Finalisation by the Jury

Entries received will be measured against stringent qualitative and quantitative industry benchmarks in order to determine the highest standards of excellence practised.

Two major areas of judgement:

  • Resource Optimisation – The projects should not display any resource mismanagement. All resources used should deliver maximum value and impact to the project, for its intended capital cost. This approach should extend into a project’s operational lifecycle as well.
  • Contextual Identity – The projects should exemplify socio-cultural sensitivity, which leads to a unique response that embodies its context even as it incorporates aspirations that are both global and local.

Other areas of evaluation:

Innovation and Elaboration

  • Degree of innovation
  • Degree of elaboration
  • Uniqueness in Execution / workmanship


  • Use value and usability
  • Ergonomics
  • Practicability
  • Safety


  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Emotional appeal
  • Spatial concept
  • Ambience


  • Production efficiency
  • Consideration of environmental standards / carbon footprint
  • Social responsibility
  • Universal design


  • Brand fit
  • Target group fit
  • Differentiation
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