Call for Entries



Fill online enrolment form –> Download Nomination Form –> Send Nomination Form + Entries

Enrolment for the contests opens on May 15, 2019

Period for enrolment and registration: May 15, 2019 – June 30, 2019

Dates for uploading material – May 15, 2019 – July 05, 2019

Submission Requirements

Candidates are requested to submit the following material for every nomination.

  1. Nomination Form
  2. Name of the award category the nomination is being filed for
  3. Short résumé of the practice/participant
  4. Project title with a brief about the project (150 words max.)
  5. General and technical report of what was done stating the client’s brief, concepts and ideas, design process, material and technology used, techniques adapted or any other highlights of the project (500 words max.)
  6. Fact File consisting of location, client, completion date, built area, costs, architects, design team, main contractor, consultants, suppliers, photo credits, text credits
  7. 10-12 photos of built works. Size: Long side – 1,500 px, Formats: jpg – RGB – 150 dpi
  8. 10-20 project drawings (plans, sections, prospects, design details, concepts, drafts, sketches, model photos, project drawings including in 3D renderings, parametric models, photos etc.) Size: Long side – 1,500 px, Formats: jpg – RGB – 150 dpi
  9. All images must be accompanied by photo credit which will be considered Free of Rights to be published only in Architecture Update publications and website.
  10. Video material, Youtube-Vimeo etc. (optional)

Participants are requested to submit the data by sending it via Email/WeTransfer/Google Drive link to with “AUIA 2019 NOMINATION – <category>” in the subject line.