Wisma Atria Interiors introduces its latest Green Furniture Collection

Wisma Atria Interiors is one of India’s leading furniture store headed by interior designer Nomita Kohli has launched its latest Green Furniture Collection that perfectly accents contemporary spaces with style and sophistication as well as calm and restful feeling.

Being the most soothing, relaxing and youthful colour in terms of human view and dominant to nature, this colour is one of the best and the natural choice for designing homes.

The collection comprises of beautifully seating designed options and a centre table which provides the luxurious statement with

rich comfort and style. Designed with high-end materials such as solid wood, tempered glass, metal frame, antique brass legs with velvet and satin fabric, this designer range of green furniture collection by Wisma Atria Interiors will surely add a touch of class, comfort and durability enhancing the luxury quotient of your homes. The table in this collection is the masterpiece which is made of green tempered glass and metal frame with a golden finish that will surely create a welcoming and calm aura to your homes.

According to Nomita Kohli, co-founder of Wisma Atria Interiors “Now you can create a serene environment in your home with our latest designer Green Color collection that will brighten up your space as it is known as the colour of life.  In our designer range of Green collection, each piece is designed with a stunning finish and countless cycles of testing so that it can be labelled as a contemporary classic that fits perfectly in a modern space to create contrasting settings and also maintains the durability. This unique Emerald collection not only enriches and enhances your home’s vibe but also support the worth of appreciation.”

Available at: Wisma Atria Interiors by Nomita Kohli

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