Wipro Lighting unveils Smart & Connected Lighting Solutions at Cisco Live

Wipro Lighting became the first Indian Lighting Company to participate in the CISCO Live event which was scheduled from June 25 – 29, 2017, Las Vegas, USA. The company unveiled and showcased it’s smart & connected lighting solutions at the event.

Commenting on Wipro’s participation at Cisco Live, Anuj Dhir, VP & Business Head, Commercial Lighting, Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting said, “Design & Innovation is a way of life at Wipro. Focus is on enriching customer experience by providing cutting edge designs and latest technology.  With the emergence of big data, the internet of things and connected digital lighting, it is going to bring much more intelligent functionality into our lighting systems. Hence, this trend will play an important role in making workplaces more productive and livable at the same time making it more economically sustainable. Wipro is paving way for digital smart & connected indoor & outdoor applications with Power on Ethernet (PoE) based lighting solutions.”

Wipro’s PoE based smart & connected lighting solutions cater to personalized work spaces, granular level of occupancy detection, daylight harvesting and greater control of lighting with highly flexible scheduling. The human centric nature of lighting provides for increased productivity and takes care of employee health and comfort. It provides for real-time updates on lighting system status and operations to enable workspace performance tracking, monitor energy trends over time, forecast energy usage and track energy savings. Ultimately contributing to energy savings, this system is an eco-friendly sustainable solution and can also track reduction in CO2 emissions and carbon footprint savings in real-time.

The system installation costs are reduced upto 50% due to low-voltage ‘plug and play’ set-up. With enhanced reliability of the system, commissioning time is reduced from days to hours. Maintenance costs are reduced upto 80% as the system connectivity allows to perform remote diagnostics without physical intervention.

Cisco Live, Cisco’s annual IT and communications conference, is widely acknowledged as the premier destination for the education and inspiration of technology professionals. Digital Ceiling, part of Cisco’s Digital Building Solution, is enabled by Network Powered Smart Lighting. Digital Ceiling enhances Workforce Experiences. Power on Ethernet (PoE) based solutions for applications like Lighting and HVAC etc., deliver savings and efficiencies spanning the entire lifecycle of buildings and businesses.

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