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Partha S Banik is President of Indiabulls Consumer Products Limited. A well known lighting expert in India and presently heading the consumer products business of Indiabulls, Banik is having close to 27 years of experience in electrical industry and working in Lighting Industry for more than twenty years now in different roles prior to Indiabulls, he worked in Bajaj Electricals Limited and Wipro Lighting & Furniture Business for about 20 years. He is an emerging Smart City Expert in India and member of iot World Forum. He is also an active eco conservationist and connected with Bombay Natural History Society.

What made Indiabulls enter the LED lighting business?
Indiabulls Group is one of the country’s leading business houses with interests in housing finance, real estate & capital markets. The group has a net worth of INR 17,791.20 crore (US$ 2.75 Billion), as on 31st Mar 2017 & all the companies of Indiabulls Group are listed on Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange. The combined market capitalisation of Indiabulls Group Companies, as on 30th June, 2017, was INR 60,986.30 crore (US$ 9.5 Billion).

Continuing the group’s genesis of its desire to grow the businesses exponentially and create value for all stake holders, SORIL Infra Resources Limited (an Indiabulls Group Company) introduces IB (Indiabulls) LED Professional Lighting for offices, malls, showrooms, factories, industries and housing societies. Offering a plethora of products, IB LED provides complete range of LED lighting solutions with up to 7 years warranty.

You have plans to capture 3% of market share in the next one year. What is your roadmap to achieve this?
IB LED is launching a complete range of LED Professional Luminaires to provide end to end solutions for B2B Institutional LED lighting business with an aim to ease the switch from conventional Lighting to LED Lighting by offering LED Lighting Solutions at Zero Cost. IB LED is the first Indian company to market LED as a service. With a dedicated team for sales & marketing, Lighting Advisory Services, Customer Service in pan India locations & 12×7 Call Centre, IB LED will generate a great value proposition for the institutional customers in Office Lighting, Retail Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, City Beautification, Consumer Lighting and Lighting Controls.

How differently India Bulls will contribute in the LED lighting industry compared to other established brands in the market?
IB LED is the first Indian company to market LED as a service. We are helping our customers upgrading to LED from conventional lighting through switch with zero cost model. This is an unique and innovative concept of upgrade to LED Lighting Solutions at zero upfront cost and pay from the savings from the electricity bill over the next 2 years.

IB LED also offers Lighting Advisory Services which help customers to switch to appropriate LED lighting products thus getting better quality of light and higher productivity in the workplace. We design and market high performance and aesthetically appealing products for modern work space, retail stores, manufacturing facilities and cityscapes.

Design also plays a very important role here. How will you address the issue?
We design and market high performance and aesthetically appealing products for modern work space, retail stores, manufacturing facilities and cityscapes. Creating a product, which is desired by our customers’ is a key focus area for IB LED Design and Development Team. We are recently awarded “Excellence in Product Innovation” by The Economic Times ACE TECH 2017.

Where do you see Indiabulls in the next five years in terms of innovation for lighting?
Data is the key for future business. Our competitor would be mostly google and amazon in future. Software and data services will disrupt most of the traditional industries in next 5 – 10 years. Indiabulls LED Lighting business is creating an end to end platform to integrate and connected lighting for Digital Ceiling and Smart Outdoor. IB Led’s DIGITAL CEILING Solutions can connect the LED lighting system seamlessly through Power Over Ethernet (POE) technology and / or Radio Frequency (RF) Communication Technology. IB LED Digital Ceiling is smart, secure and seamlessly connected. It offers seamless integration with other building services, such as, air (HVAC), surveillance, security, fire, access, space management, elevators and

data network. IB LED Digital Ceiling enables customer transition to agile and collaborative work environment, with better employee experience, asset utilisation and energy efficiencies. IB LED Digital ceiling creates a convergence of next gen building operations with next gen occupant experience. It also ensures end to end security for device authentication, privacy and data integrity. Similarly, we are also working in a big way to create an ecosystem for all the City Services (parking, traffic, security, surveillance, location services, data services etc.) in one platform thru RF based outdoor lighting system. This will help City Managers to have a smart and integrated infrastructure.

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