Warmer sandy shades of natural stone by Classic Marble Company

If you have love for warmer and sandy shades then Classic Marble Company’s (CMC) latest collection is befitting for your home designs. The company has launched a range of brown and earthy toned natural marble collection for the season. ‘Armani Brown’, ‘Bronze Armani’, ‘Petra Brown’, ‘White Oniciata’, ‘Light Emperador’, and ‘Empress Gold’ are some of the select brown shades among others in the collection that are trending in upscale spaces.

In the mid-tone shades, the Light Emperador or the Empress Gold as flooring teamed up with the striking feature wall of White Oniciata complement the interiors of any space making it feel warm and inviting. Each brown marble in the collection exudes beauty, elegance and exclusivity rendering a designer look to the applied area.

The Armani Brown’s dark brown surface sparkles with light brown swirls in perfect contrast to the Light Emperador’s light brown background with white veins running all across it. Bronze Armani stands out with its inimitable rectangular patterns throughout the marble surface.  The Petra Brown is the lightest brown shade in the collection carrying white and dark brown streaks on it while the Empress Gold is a spectacular blend of white and gold. White Oniciata forms a surreal background with blends of white, black and sandy colors giving an impression of a modern artwork.

As per the press release, the company has introduced the select range in Brown natural marble keeping in mind the trends of the times. More and more projects are moving away from the traditional white and beige choices and there is a spur in the non-conventional brown and grey marble. With the launch of this select collection in the natural marble category, the company aims to provide this section of architects the scope to further experiment and play with the unconventional color and design choices.

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