VitrA launches Equal Series

VitrA, a leading bathroom solutions brand of Eczacıbaşı Building Products Division introduces its Equal Series. The company launched this range in collaboration with Italian architect and designer Claudio Bellini. The new range, makes use of geometric shapes and minimalist borders.

“As a design approach, simplicity is the human shortcut to creating equilibrium within the urban clutter; it offers harmony by welcoming diverse needs and characters, it excludes noise. Simplicity must be treated as the outcome of a brave sophistication,” said the company.

Equal represents the equilibrium between the rational and the sensual. It employs basic geometric forms obsessively shaped by simplicity, embracing at the same time natural organic forms. Through the ordered, edgy but still rounded and soft forms, it creates the ultimate bathroom harmony.

In order to enhance the relaxing and sensual atmosphere of the space, the collection combines cold and warm materials in the form of ceramic and wood. Black metal elements are also used as accent, to strengthen the timeless character of the collection.

Designed as a custom piece of furniture, Equal’s vanity amplifies the visual effect of completeness, thereby creating the perception of more space. The vanity’s linear lines promote a stunning effect and are available in wall-mounted, countertop and double bowl versions. All three versions provide ease of cleaning as a result of uninterrupted floor surface.

VitrA underlines the importance of hygiene, with user-friendly cleaning solutions. VitrA Hygiene is a technology which offers benefits in terms of health. It has ION Technology that prevents harmful bacteria by 99.9%. Maximum hygiene is ensured on the surfaces developed with this method. It does not lose its protection feature even under intense usage conditions. It has a special glaze that coats all external and internal surfaces prior to firing in a process that ensures VitrA Hygiene protection for VitrA ceramic ware throughout its lifetime.

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