VitrA introduces the hygienic collection, VitrAfresh

VitrAfresh 3dVitrA, the leading bathroom solutions brand of Eczacıbaşı Building Products Division in Turkey introduces VitrAfresh.

The collection has liquid cleaner tank on top of the WC pan that adds liquid detergent to the flushing water, every flush maximising hygiene and freshening the air. Thermostatic stop valve integrated to the WC pan allows users to mix hot and cold water coming from the bidet nozzle and fixes the water at maximum 38 degrees for adding comfort.

VitrAfresh(2)VitrAfresh is now available in Metropole, D-Light and Nest in Wc’s. Metropole is made by the award winning design group NOA from Germany and Nest series which is designed by the Pentagon Design from Sweden, both series now available with bidet and without bidet function.

Liquid cleaner tank on top of the WC pan blends detergent with flushing water for maximum hygiene and is safe to use with hypochlorous cleaning agents (bleach at up to 12,5 pH), non-abrasive detergents and fragrances. The Tank lid is removable which enables easy cleaning. VitrAfresh ensures a pleasant odor in the bathroom together with superior hygiene and sanitation. This series gives maximum hygiene and fresh odor along with sophistication. The Pure white color option of VitrAfresh helps fashion an elegantly natural bathroom.

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