VitrA introduces it’s exclusive Nest – Design For All Series

VitrA, the leading bathroom solutions brand of Eczacıbaşı Building Products Division in Turkey introduces a ‘The Nest- Design For All Series’ which considers different needs and styles and provides common solutions for everyone regardless of age, ability or condition.  This series is designed by Pentagon Design a leading Finnish design agency. Nest – Design for All series by VitrA combines design, ergonomics and functionality with VitA Distinction.

The Nest – Design for All Series by VitrA offers special products for hospitals, hotels and other public buildings considering the special needs. The multifunctional grab bar ensures safer use, the wall- hung WC pan facilitates cleaning, and the faucet provides easy access and control by virtue of its designs and position. The mirror with adjustable angle offers users a comfortable experience.

Equipped with smart functionality the Nest – Design offers shelves that serve as alternative storage spaces. Where as the handle of the faucets from this collection is specially designed to make it easy for children, physically handicapped people and elderly people to turn the faucets on and off and control water flow.

VitrA offers water resistant acrylic top surface of the unit that it can be used as a hygiene rest area after a shower and lockable wheels for safe use. In addition to a large covered space for storage.

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