Viroc-A Cement bonded Cladding Solution by Ventura International

Viroc by Ventura

Ventura International, a luxury wall surface manufacturing company in India introduces a natural, B1 fire rated cladding solution VIROC by Portuguese company Investwood.

Viroc is a Cement bonded Wood Panel made with Portland cement and mineralised wood particles (71% Portland cement, 18.5% wood fibres). It’s used in exterior cladding applications, where a neo-modern and minimalist look is needed, due to it’s non-homogeneous and natural appearance and comes in 6 colours.

According to Prashant Maheshwari, Director, Ventura International Pvt. Ltd. “It’s flat and smooth on both surfaces, combining the strength and flexibility of wood durability and resistant qualities of cement. Viroc can be factory calibrated/sanded (for applications requiring a tighter tolerance). Once calibrated, it presents visible wood particles on the surface. It can be machined and worked with typical carpentry tools. Viroc cement particle boards offer great strength and durability. Easily workable like wood, the boards are flexible for multiple applications for façades, walls, floors and ceilings and roofing”.

This natural cement particle board is created by a compressed and dry mixture of pine wood particles and cement. Viroc cladding panels offer moisture and sound resistance, along with a European B1 fire rating, making it ideal for internal or external use. Viroc panels also provide resistance to fungi, termites, rot and water vapour. They can be easily installed on Aluminium framework like any other exterior cladding solution.

Due to Viroc’s composition, Viroc panels present visible wood particles on the surface, creating a slightly speckled, earthy feel. Viroc is available in 6 natural colours; black, grey, white, ochre, yellow and green. Size is 2.44×1.22 m (8x’4’) and thickness 12mm. Viroc for interior panelling is also available in 8 mm thickness in Black and Grey colours.

With a product guarantee of 10 years against deterioration, Viroc is widely used by architects, designers and installers, suiting versatile projects and demanding specifications. Applications of Viroc are diverse and includes Ventilated façades, Partition walls, Flooring, Indoor and outdoor ceilings and roofing, Interior design


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