Ventura International launches Akupanel

Ventura International, a name in luxury wall surfaces, has introduced ‘Akupanel’ a super sound absorbent range of acoustic panels that help designer and architects control sound and ambient noise without sacrificing the atmosphere of the space and beauty of their design.

Acoustic panels have become more and more popular ever since they appeared in work environments, a few years ago, to combat noise pollution. They are often used in noisy areas and reduce, correct or absorb noise pollution. Whether mounted on walls, suspended or attached to the ceiling, their main objective is to reduce sound levels. But they can also lend a touch of style to workspaces and can be seamlessly integrated into any design.

According to Prashant Maheshwari, Director, Ventura International Pvt. Ltd., “Acoustic Panels are used when the echo or sound resonance of a room is too strong. This can be due to the materials used in the construction of the building (glass, concrete or metal) or simply because the decoration is too minimalist. Echoing sound can often give the impression that there is unpleasant background noise. Due to the increase in the volume of the sound. Rooms with an excessively high resonance result in an irrevocable loss of intelligibility, which leads to tiredness and lack of concentration for their occupants. We have this eco-friendly range by Akupanel. The PET polyester fibre backing used in Akupanel is made from 50% recycled plastic which is 100% recyclable. The acoustic wood finishes to a project make an immediate visual and acoustical impact. Control reverberation and enhance performances with absorbers and diffusers, in a variety of patterns and finishes.”

Dimensions: 600mmx 2400mm

Thickness: 20mm

Material: PET polyester fibre, MDF, Wood Veneer

Available in 7 Veneers: American Walnut, Rustic Oak, Fumed Oak, Grey Oak

Price: On Request

Available at:   

Ventura International Pvt. Ltd.

1/20, WHS, Kirti Nagar

New Delhi-110015

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