Ventura International introduces “VetroTec” -Acrylic Glass Panels

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VENTURA INTERNATIONAL has introduced luxurious surface product “VetroTec”-acrylic glass panels for furniture, kitchens & bathrooms.

According to Manish Maheshwari-Director, Ventura International Pvt. Ltd., “VetroTec from Otto-Vertrieb, Germany is a range of high-quality acrylic glass panels to provide a sleek, contemporary look for kitchen shutter fronts and backsplashes, high-end furniture, wall panelling etc. They create a fresh clean European look and gives a luxurious and elegant finish to the space. Whether you’re in the exciting process of redesigning your kitchen, or you’re looking for something the lift your existing décor out of the doldrums, this magnificent range by VetroTec must be high on your wish-list”.

From a wide range of colours like Luxe Black, Arctic White, Gold, Copper and exotic snakeskin finishes, to dress up any indoor residential or commercial space, VetroTec by Ventura International gives a finish which combines tough durability, superb design choice and the WOW factor. The 2 mm thick superior acrylic fronts imitate a glass panel to 100% and these smooth/non-stick surfaces are easily cleaned with water and a soft cloth. This transparent material boasts a high mechanical durability, as well as having an outstanding resistance to weathering. The panels are extremely brilliant due to the abrasion resistant UV varnish layer applied to the surface and are covered with a protective foil.

Technical information: Size 3050×1020 mm (10’x3’4”), 2 mm thickness, Light transmission 92%

When using VetroTec surfaces the end-user can expect the following:

  1. Extremely high brilliance and gloss.
  2. Strict tolerances for thickness.
  3. High thermal stability as outlined in the Standard for Kitchens and Bathroom Acrylics.
  4. Resistance to Wet and Dry cycling as outlined in the Standard for Kitchens and Bathroom Acrylics.
  5. Resistance to Chemicals as outlined in the Standard for Kitchens and Bathroom Acrylics.
  6. Resistance to Moist and Dry Air Cycles.
  7. Good resistance to cracking under pressure.
  8. Very resistant to light and staining.
  9. Little thermal conductivity.
  10. Surface without open pores or joints.
  11. Skin friendly material.


Available at:           

Ventura International Pvt. Ltd.

1/20, WHS, Kirti Nagar

New Delhi-110015

Ph: 011- 45546700

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