Vector Projects sets another trend with Q-Fold chair

India’s leading end-to-end turnkey solutions provider, Vector Projects, has multiplied its range of innovative properties by offering another contemporary furniture product in their catalogue: ‘Q-Fold chair‘. Versatile in nature, this latest addition is crafted to take into consideration the user’s figure by offering adequate comfort and support to the body.

q-fold-by-vector-projects-4Q-Fold is specifically designed by keeping in mind the human body conformation principle. Structured to alleviate the lumbar region pressure, this chair blends with the body when someone sits in it. With each movement the 2:1 proportion of moving angle between the backrest and seat mat balances the body from feet to the back.

Amalgamation of ergonomics and aesthetic, this sleek chair has two variations – round and rectangle, that can be placed in the lounge area, office, restaurant, bedroom or even verandah.

Commenting on the Q-Fold Chair, Umesh Rao, Founder & CEO, Vector Projects (I) Pvt. Ltd said, “This trendy new addition offered by Vector Projects is crafted to suit the idea of millennial design. Q-Fold is a perfect blend of ergonomics, technology and modern design that can be easily accommodated into a residential or commercial space. With this contemporary and futuristic product, we aim to set a new trend in the interiors sector that will add charisma to any dull space.”

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