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Stone has been one of the must have materials while designing or building any new space. Marble has been on top of favourites for most people. However, it is considered to have limited options. So here, bringing a few eclectic uses of marble for bathrooms and kitchen other than its traditional usage.

Marble is a versatile stone when it comes to home design and décor. The key areas of usage of marble, in the design of a home, are usually the bathrooms and kitchens to reflect grandeur along with lobbies and living rooms. In spite of such a large context in which marble can be used, people consider it mostly as a countertop material rather than utilising its potential in other important areas of a house as well.

When planning a new bathroom or renovation, the finishing touches can make a huge difference and that is where marble can play a vital role. These are some of the ways of using marble in home design in order to achieve a look that is both timeless and trendy.

Marble Walls
A marble wall in an interior space is a beautiful statement piece which can give a fresh feeling to your home and reflect a sense of magnificence at the same time. Marble walls have the capability to encapsulate a wide spectrum of experiences in a space depending on what slab you choose. For example, Amazonite, Travertine and, Crema marfil etc. can change the overall design, adding depth and a focal point to the entire set.

Marble Furniture
Variants of marble such as Travertine, Carrara, Onyx and Emperador are the widely used options for incorporating in and as part of furniture. These choices have been concluded upon by their ability to transform a space into an ultra-luxurious in both, look and texture while being very convenient to work with and manipulate according to need. Movable as well as immovable furniture can be crafted out of marble. Some brilliant examples of marble furniture are coffee tables, dining tables, bar counters, stools, and showcase tables etc. Marble coasters and sculptures can also be created as display accessories to add a pleasing and robust visual effect to one’s home. Marble comes in beautiful veining and wide array of colours which makes it a good choice for making furniture that gels well with the interiors.

Marble Bathtub
A marble bathtub can enhance relaxation and tranquillity, bringing charm to a bathroom. The best option for a bathroom is to set up an imported marble bathtub and a shower close together. The best thing about marble is that it is multi-faceted whether it is rustic or polished, marble matches well with any material.

Marble Statement Wall
With improvements in industrial adhesives’ strength, it’s now possible to apply a large slab(s) of natural stone to create an outstanding backdrop. With the mix of the right type of themed décor, which contains exotic stone such as Amazonite, Sodalite, Avant Garde, Onyx, Grego Venezia, Statuario moon face and, marble tiles etc., can create a declaration of regal for spaces in a residence and give it a

Marble Flooring
Using Italian marble tiles for flooring in the bathroom can provide a feeling of privacy, quality, and luxurious environment. In addition to that, it also provides simplicity in design. Matte marble flooring is a wonderful option for any home. Mixing and matching some casual furniture pieces with natural and woven textiles laid out on a Statuario Marble flooring can help one achieve the perfect balance.

Rajesh Bhandari, Director,
A-Class Marble Pvt. Ltd.

Rajesh Bhandari holds extensive experience of more than a decade in the stone industry. A graduate in commerce from Rajasthan University, Bhandari served as Director at Bhandari Marbles, Boraward, Rajasthan, for three years before joining A-Class Marble, where he has been adding a fresh perspective towards the company’s operations since its inception in 2005. Bhandari has a natural prowess for managing and spearheading new ventures and taking them to the next level. With a keen sense of analysing weaknesses and threats ahead of time, he is adept at devising ingenious solutions to turn them into strengths and opportunities for the business. His immense perseverance and ambitious outlook has won him and the brand tremendous appreciation and several prestigious awards.

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