USG Boral India introduces Metal Ceilings System portfolio

USG Boral India, one of the global leader in building products technology, has launched its Metal Ceilings System portfolio to meet the growing demands for innovative designs. The system allows for customisation with low maintenance & easy installation and is an addition to the current range of ceilings solutions provided by USG Boral India.

Designed to be a versatile solution in meeting specific project requirements, USG Boral Metal Ceilings System portfolio provides customers the option to select a high quality, powder-coated metal ceiling panel that is highly compliant with international and the Central Public Works Department of Government of India standards for performance and safety.

Architects and building operators are no longer restricted to just traditional flat ceilings, as the new metal ceilings system allows for various unique designs including Open Cell, Baffle ceiling, perforation patterns and different edge profiles. The system is available in 3 colors with the option to create custom colours which will be introduced in the second phase to support project specific requirements.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, USG Boral Metal Ceilings’ surfaces can be cleaned easily without the use of harsh chemicals or cleaning agents and the removable panels will provide easy access to the plenum above, making maintenance a breeze.

The USG Boral Metal Ceilings Systems also offers a full range of targeted ceiling solutions for various building needs, including:

  • Optional perforated panels installed with acoustic backing for acoustical performance and durability in high traffic areas such as transport hubs
  • A high light reflectance value which provides higher cost efficiency in office spaces

“At USG Boral, we pride ourselves as the choice provider with a full-suite of building materials solutions,” said Sumit Bidani, CEO, USG Boral India. “With the industry’s increasing demands for more engaging design options, the USG Boral Metal Ceilings System portfolio is a high-quality product that successfully marries functionality with design. Apart from empowering customers in materialising their design blueprints, our products adhere to the most stringent industry standards and are equipped with the necessary technical attributes for both performance and safety.”

Now available in India, the USG Boral Metal Ceilings System is suitable for a variety of applications. These include within airports, rail stations, shopping malls, and hospitality venues where there are unique requirements for special designs to optimise facility operations.

Customers can look forward to the full Metal Ceilings System product range as follows:

  1. USG Boral Lay-in Ceiling System – A lay-in or lay-on panel ceiling series available with multiple perforation patterns to achieve varying levels of acoustical performance for optimal comfort and aesthetics.
  2. USG Boral Clip-In Ceiling System – A simple clip-in panel system that provides a seamless and modern appearance for any space and easy access to the enclosed plenum.
  3. USG Boral Open Cell Ceiling System – An open ceiling system that provides a unique and easily accessible option for both indoor and outdoor spaces.
  4. USG Boral Baffle Ceiling System – A baffle type panel ceiling series that provides a stunning design element to any space with its range of colors. The panel spacing and ends can also be varied to suit ceiling and wall curvatures.

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