Uridan waterless urinals for stylish and sustainable amenities

Uridan waterless urinals, available from Watersave Australia, are widely specified for commercial, hospitality, education, shopping and sports facilities.

Available in Australia since 2003, the Uridan range has consistently impressed and interior designers with their stylish looks and superior functionality, meeting their design objectives for public bathrooms. Uridan waterless urinals have been installed in commercial office buildings, sports facilities, shopping centres, schools, colleges, clubs, bars, and restaurants.

Uridan waterless urinals combine their stylish design with excellent water-saving capabilities, helping and designers create significantly ‘greener’ amenities. Each Uridan urinal saves approximately 60,000 litres of potable water per annum. A row of six urinals will be responsible for water savings of over 360kLs in a year, not only contributing to sustainability but also achieving almost $1,300 in water and wastewater savings for the facility owner.

Recently, a commercial office tower installed 108 Uridan Admirals with 96 Spinnaker privacy screens providing added comfort for users.

Key advantages of Uridan waterless urinals include stylish amenities; considerable reduction in water consumption; associated energy savings; lower cost of purchase and installation (compared to flushing urinals); lower cost of ownership; and environmental benefits leading to a positive corporate image.

(source: www.architectureanddesign.com)

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