Urban Ladder partners with award-winning interior designer Ashiesh Shah

( Image Courtesy: www.thehansindia.com)

Urban Ladder announced its partnership with award-winning Architect and Interior Designer, Ashiesh Shah. Shah will launch four collections for Urban Ladder through the next one year. Each collection will explore a different design style demonstrating and addressing what India needs in terms of design. The idea is to create a strong edit, use local materials like teak wood and cane and explore some of our local fabric dying techniques and combine them with a more contemporary aesthetic.

Apart from the basic’s like chairs, tables, sofa’s, Shah will bring in some more unconventional pieces of design that he believes should be made available in India, all at an affordable price. Shah, an astute collector of contemporary art from the Indian Sub-continent has designed spaces which juxtapose objects from vastly different eras and cultures. This makes a compelling and impressive statement on his design taste.
“The aesthetic has a strong sense of connectedness to whom we are, where we belong and what inspires us. And that, for me is the crux of the new Indian aesthetic. These four collections will delve deep and mirror the changing Indian culture contextualised to complement our modern living spaces. I am delighted to partner with Urban Ladder and believe this is fantastic opportunity to lend my aesthetic and my practice to a larger audience.” said Shah.
An economically assertive India has reinforced pride and confidence in demand for things India.  The globally traveled and upwardly mobile consumer wants spaces that demonstrate sophistication and individuality.

I believe this collaboration is an epoch in our journey creating new design references for the world.” said Ashish Goel, CEO and CFO, Urban Ladder. While India is going through an aesthetic outburst, this mutually beneficial collaboration will focus on creating benchmarks for design and making exclusive designer furniture accessible across homes in India.

(Source: www.thehansindia.com)

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