Upcycled into personalised decor

Signage lamps
Sylvn Studio presenting Signage lamps in devnagri
script which help us to connect with our root, as each
Signage is hand painted. The lamp is completely
handcrafted and recycled.


Designed with crushed stone which
is well balanced with perfectly
exposed Edison light bulb, this earth
friendly lamp designed by Sylvn
Studio is not just a design with heart,
it’s a design with conscience. This
power packed handcrafted lamp is
dedicated to the efforts of mankind to
keep the earth alive forever.


This exposed LED Edison light bulb, safe to be placed on the desk as it does not get warm even when it’s lit. The corrugated cardboard is upcycled and designed it to make it resemble the symbol of dollar and elaborated it with cute smiley illustration. It is named Super Power and dedicate it to all the strong people with the initial ‘S’.


Bandana Jain,
Founder, Sylvn Studio
“I believe that it’s our responsibility to enrich the values, traditions and put a  message forward for the whole community through the artwork we create. The idea behind taking cardboard as my signature material is to create awareness about adopting a sustainable lifestyle. Secondly,I try to make our traditional art alive by using it for my creations that way more and more people get aware about such beautiful artwork which is rooted in our tradition. To make signage lamp where I used naked filament bulbs. It adds youthfulness to the  décor and make your space very personalised. So that is another added feature which turns out to be an amazing gift for your loved ones.”


Sylvn Back lit panel
The idea behind this lamp is to play with the intricacy of cardboard. This backlit panel looks like a piece of jewel the way it glows and gives a soothing light effect. Needless to say how effortlessly it adds an aura to the décor. A perfect piece for branding and a unique way to design a personalised name plate.

Gond art on Devnagri script
The Gond art came from an ancient Adivasi Dravidian community whose origin can be traced to the pre-Aryan era. They have created unprecedented depictions of their natural and mythological worlds, traditional songs and oral histories. Rich in detail, colour, mystery and humour, these tribal artworks brilliantly employ modern means to evoke the pre-modern psyche. Bandana Jain’s idea behind this artwork to promote art and literature together. She says, I am trying to promote this beautiful ab-original art of Madhya Pradesh and trying to emphasize the value of our script and dialect.

Sylvn Studio is India’s design label specialised in handcrafted décor products made of recycled corrugated cardboard. Sylvn Studio believes in combining ‘love for art and love for earth’ by designing very artistic creation with corrugated cardboard. The Brand has catered to various sectors like Hospitality, Corporate, High-end villas, Residences, Visual Merchandising, Events etc and have produced a range of 150 lamps, mirrors, furniture, wall mural, false ceiling, screens and other accessories too. Their products are made from corrugated cardboard, burlap, and recycled materials, combining fine craftsmanship and luxury with utility and durability. The name Sylvn has been derived from Sylvanus, the God of the forest as per Roman mythology. He was in charge of protecting the jungle and the living beings staying in and around it. The literal meaning of Sylvanus is the one who loves the forest. A lot of heart goes into developing each of these products, qualitatively. To top it all, the carbon footprint of these products is negligible.

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