Union Minister Piyush Goyal inaugurates Farhat Jamshed installation

Minister of Coal and Railways Piyush Goyal on Wednesday inaugurated Farhat Jamshed, one of South Asia’s most visceral experimental artists, installation in New Delhi.

The artist, who has worked for over two decades in pushing the boundaries of wood, metal, clay, and paint, through her installations, furniture and paintings, is exhibiting her work at Lalit Kala Akademi in New Delhi .

Speaking at the event, Goyal said he “saw a lot of details” in the celebrated artist’s collection.

“Arts and sculptures take a long time to relate to them, but the best thing about here is that you can actually relate to them instantly and connect to them,” the minister said.

Goyal said art was a medium to bind the society. “Through art one can present so many things that cannot be expressed in words. Artists communicate through their thoughts and help us reflect on different issues.

“We saw a beautiful piece reflecting climate change, the ghost city. It makes us take a pause and wonder if that is the future we want? Is that thing that we want for our children? It gives us great opportunity to learn, pick up from the presentation, relate to it in our own lives and emerge as a better human being,” Goyal added.

Jamshed’s work ‘The End of History’, a 16 feet long raw cityscape, was the highlight of the exhibition.

(Source: www.outlookindia.com)

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